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Getting started with Safari

Christopher Breen | June 14, 2013
In this week's Mac 101 lesson, Chris Breen introduces the Web browser you may very well be using to read these words.

Alternatively, if you'd like to add a bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar, just click the small icon that appears to the left of the site's address in the search/address field, and drag it to the Bookmarks Bar. The new item will take up residence where you placed it and push any others in its way to the right. To visit that site, click once on the bookmark.

And if you'd care to treat a bookmark as you would an application, click that icon and drag it to the desktop. It will turn into a Web location file. Double-click that file, and Safari launches and takes you to the associated website. You could even gather such files together in a folder and then place that folder in the Dock. Then, click and hold on the folder, wait for the contents menu to appear, and select the site you wish to visit. Safari launches and brings you to the site.

Organizing your bookmarks
After accumulating a load of bookmarks, you may find them to be a bit unwieldy. Thankfully Safari offers easy ways to organize them. Click the Bookmarks button in the Bookmarks Bar (or choose Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks) to reveal the Bookmarks pane. Along the left side you'll see the Collections heading, which contains History, Bookmarks Bar, and Bookmarks Menu entries.

When you select an item in the Collection area, any associated bookmarks and folders appear in the main portion of the window. You can rearrange the order of these items by clicking and dragging them to a new position. You can drag them to a different category item, too: For example, if you'd like a bookmark that currently resides in the Bookmarks menu to appear in the Bookmarks Bar, select the Bookmarks Menu category, click the item you want to move, and drag it to the Bookmarks Bar category. (Or, in this case, drag it directly into the Bookmarks Bar.)

In this same area you can create folders. To create a folder that appears in the Collections pane, click the small plus (+) button at the bottom of the pane. A new folder called 'Untitled Folder' will appear. Click it and rename it. Now drag any bookmarks you wish into it. You can then place this folder wherever you like. For example, you might place it in the Bookmarks Menu, select Bookmarks Menu, and then drag it to the top of the list. Or you could drag it to the Bookmarks Bar, where it will appear with its title and the triangle icon indicating that it holds bookmarks. You could even drag a folder to the desktop to create a folder full of Web-location files. Or drag the folder into the attachments area of a new email message to share the enclosed Web-location files with a friend or colleague.


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