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Google demos play up the gaming potential of Glass

Ian Paul | Jan. 30, 2014
Google is hyping the gaming capabilities of Google Glass as we move towards the official roll out expected later in 2014. The search giant recently released a demo video showing off five "mini-games" designed to take advantage of Glass' various sensors, such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, as well as features such as voice activation.

That type of advertising seems to be the realization of what companies such as Facebook have been trying to do with smartphones for several years. Instead of flashing brand names, coupons, or ads on a screen, Ingress actually brings people right into stores where people can complete game missions and maybe grab a Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up while they're there.

Smartphone-style tennis and shooting games may make up the bulk of early Glass games, but anyone planning on picking up a pair of the specs will want to keep their eye out for games like Ingress--ads and all.


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