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Holiday shopper beware: Smartphone thieves are getting smarter

Tom Kaneshige | Nov. 21, 2011
Black Friday is fast approaching, and soon malls across America will be filled with smartphone-toting shoppers--and smartphone thieves eye a bounty of opportunity.

"Go out and buy one of the boxes, it makes a good Christmas present," Roemer says, sarcastically.

Bottom line: If your phone is work-related, you better remove sensitive data before heading to the mall.

Thieves Turn the Tables

So you're in a crowded line. You finally get to a cashier, and whip out your credit card to pay for that Oakland Raider jersey you know she'll just love. The guy behind you is looking into his iPhone probably surfing the Web--or is he? Maybe he's secretly shooting video of you and your credit card number.

The same goes true for lines at ATM machines. Thieves will try to record your personal identification number and then follow you, looking for an opportunity to snatch your wallet.

The best way to protect yourself is to be mindful of your surroundings, as well as prepare for worst-case scenarios. Of course, this can be difficult for shoppers buzzing with holiday spirit and energy.

Oh, and one more thing: Keep a low-profile, so as not to put a target on your back.

"Don't flash the phone around," Roemer says.


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