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Honda tests an app designed to reduce traffic congestion

Ian Paul | March 25, 2013
Honda is testing a traffic app that doesn't simply reroute you when congestion occurs; it purportedly helps prevent the jam in the first place.

Overzealous braking, however, feels like just one aspect of traffic congestion, albeit a major contributor. A lighter foot won't solve bottlenecks created when highways shrink from three to two lanes in the course of a few miles. You'll probably never find a smartphone app that will convince the cutthroat driver in the lane next to you to let you in. And don't get me started on drivers who seem blissfully unaware that you're supposed to accelerate on the onramp so you're driving at highway speeds by the time you actually get to the highway.

Honda's latest smartphone experiment was just the first public road test for its new congestion minimization technology. The company hasn't announced any plans to release its smartphone app or whether this system might be built into car dashboards in the future.


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