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How to charge your iPad or iPhone while on the go

Rob Clymo | April 8, 2013
There’s nothing worse than running out of juice, so get yourself covered for any eventuality by calling on the convenience of a portable charger

The Just Mobile Highway Pro dual charger offers a slick and stylish way of recharging your iOS gadgets in the car

Those aiming for a rather more compact power solution might want to look towards the TeckNet iEP390 11000mAh external battery pack ( This portable option comes in at just under £60 and is perfect for the Apple iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4G 4, iPhone 3G 3GS and iPod Touch (1G, 2G, 3G). It weighs 270g and is pretty small, and offers 50 hours standby time foran iPhone 4 and 10 hours for a 3G iPad 2.

Slightly less effective, but just as portable, is the Duracell 2-in-1 USB charger ( From the same people who brought you the batteries, this little charging solution is handy for a quick bit of juice when you need it most. There are down sides - it takes a while to fully charge - and it's not compatible with tablets. However, for anyone looking to bring life back to their phone momentarily then this small, lightweight option is worth a look.

The rather cheap-and-cheerful-looking Momax iPower Pro 8000mAh universal portable battery pack can be found online for around £50 (at, for example) and is compatible with the iPad and iPad mini. Once out of the box, this little gizmo is surprisingly durable and packs a powerful punch. The design might not be up to the same standard as its pricier rivals, but this is still a reasonably eye-catching package that also fits easily into your luggage.

Of course, chances are that you might be out and about in a car. In that respect you've got another angle for staying powered up, thanks to a variety of in-car chargers that work with a variety of iOS gadgets. For example, at just under a tenner, you can get Griffin's PowerJolt Dual (, which works with the iPad, iPhone and iPod. It's a nifty little thing that allows you to charge two devices while you're on the move.

The Veho Pebble Pro-XT is a beefy portable power solution that comes with a variety of connectors for mobile devices

Slightly pricier, but a whole lot cooler to look at, is the Just Mobile Highway Pro dual charger, which costs around £35 and enables you to also recharge two devices at the same time. In addition, it sports a built-in fused surge protection feature, meaning that whatever you're charging will be safeguarded. What's more, the natty aluminium head on this thing looks great once it's plugged in and is complemented by nifty green micro-LED power indicators.

Rounding out the pick of the crop when it comes to in-car recharging is the Belkin Car Charger (, complete with the latest Lightning connector. This device costs less than £20 and allows you to power up your Lightning-enabled iOS device while you're on your travels. It's got a funky compact design, plugs into your car's power socket and comes complete with a generous 4ft cable. Meanwhile, the Lightning connector is also fully reversible.


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