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How to synchronize email signatures

Christopher Breen | Feb. 13, 2013
Reader Ned Chessman is curious about a Mail feature. He writes:

Reader Ned Chessman is curious about a Mail feature. He writes:

I have a recent iMac and Im planning to purchase a MacBook Air. Ive created a lot of signatures in Mail on my iMac and Id hate to have to recreate them on my laptop. Is there any easy way to transfer those signatures to the laptops copy of Mail?

If you have the same iCloud account set up on each computer and youve configured each to synchronize email (you do this in the iCloud system preference) youll find that your signatures will magically appear on the MacBook shortly after you launch Mail.

However, you may find that theyre not attached to a particular account. Instead, when you open Mails preferences and click on Signatures you find your complete collection of signatures when you select the All Signatures entry at the top of the account list, but no signatures attached to specific accounts. Should you wish for them to be so attached you must drag them to the correct account.

If that seems like a terrible bother because you have dozens and dozens of signatures attached to multiple accounts, you can copy the Signatures folder from your iMac to the MacBook. The location of that folder is youruserfolder/Library/Mail/V2/MailData. (To navigate to the Library folder within your user folder, hold down the Option key in the Finder and choose Go > Library.)

Just place the Signatures folder in the same location on the MacBook (replacing the original Signatures folder) and then launch Mail. Provided that you have the same accounts set up on the MacBook as you do on the iMac, your signatures should be attached to their correct accounts.


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