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How to turn an old phone or tablet into a PC productivity tool

Jared Newman | March 20, 2014
That old phone needn't sit in the junk drawer. With the right apps, it can work with your PC to add useful features or speed up tasks.

Create minimalist writing/sketching station
The lack of a windowing system on iOS and Android can be a burden for serious work, but sometimes a break from multitasking can help you focus. Grab a cheap Bluetooth keyboard if you want, and dedicate a spot in your office for writing without distractions. A good note-taking app that syncs online, such as Evernote or the Android-only Google Keep, is especially useful, since whatever you write will be waiting for you when you get back to your computer.

Of course, a text editor isn't the only tool you could have at your disposal. You could also install a diagram app, such as Lucidchart or Idea Sketch, or grab a pressure-sensitive stylus for free-form sketching.

The advantage of repurposing an older device is that you can completely dedicate it to the task. There's nothing stopping you from using a brand-new phone or tablet for any of these purposes, however. Check out PCWorld's guide to 13 highly productive Android apps that play nice with your PC. 


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