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How to use your mobile device to control your home theater

Michael Ansaldo | March 12, 2015
You've got the latest OLED TV, 3000 satellite TV channels, and a surround-sound system that would make George Lucas jealous. Why are you still using that 1980s-style hunk of handheld plastic to control it all? The clumsiness of navigating menus with a thumb-pad is matched only by the tedium of hunting and pecking letters on numeric buttons. Multiply that misery times the number of remotes you're using for all your home theater components and it's enough to make you wish for the simpler days of rabbit ears and horizontal hold.

If you're a satellite subscriber, both DirectTV and Dish Networks offer apps with remote control and DVR management capabilities. And the DVR Remote for TIVO lets TIVO Series 3 or Premiere users control all recording and playback functions from their mobile device.

Wrangle control from your remote

Regardless of which mobile platform you're using, there is a wealth of options for transforming it into a replacement for your remote. If you invest a little time in finding the right ones for your system, you'll ultimately spend less time futzing with your home theater and more time enjoying it.


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