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iOS gaming wishlist: PC and console games we demand on iPad

David Price | Dec. 5, 2013
Developers: please port these games to iPad or iPhone, then shut up and take our money

Failing an iOS launch - which would no doubt be hampered by the apparently unrelated Canyon Defense shooter already on the App Store - please make some more levels, Person Who Designed Canyon Defense.

3. Brian Lara Cricket

Stick Cricket has its fans, but it - along with the other bat-and-ball-themed apps we've tried - doesn't really evoke the feel of the game. Which is why we'd love to see an iOS port of the Brian Lara series. 

They got plenty of things wrong: on the PS2 editions it was virtually impossible to effect a runout, for example, while the clumsiness of your own players' running meant they happened to you all the time. And the wicketkeepers were just crazy. But in terms of look, rhythm and tone they came closer than any video game we've seen to replicating the languid pleasures of the sport Douglas Jardine called "battle and service and sport and art".

4. Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII

With the number of FF games popping up in the App Store - we're reviewing Final Fantasy IV: The After Years at the moment - this is probably only a matter of time. We hope so, anyway.

Final Fantasy VII remains the high water mark of the series for many, and particularly for the more casual players it drew in. The more overtly roleplaying-ish elements were more muted in this instalment (wizardry and so on were balanced by machine guns and cyberpunk) and it's remembered more fondly - and widely - than any of the games that followed.

5. Day of the Tentacle (suggested by @joeluckham)
Day of the Tentacle

Reader @joeluckham voted for this point-and-click adventure game from the early 1990s, which we had to admit not having played. There's a tentacle and he wants to take over the world. Does look quite good.

6. Super Mario Bros. 3, and Mario games generally (suggested by @Warby579)
Super Mario 1 and 3

Hopeless optimists that we are here at Macworld, we dream of one day playing a Mario game on an iPad - since obviously we wouldn't ever stoop to using non-authorised software to run an emulator. Mario 3, after all, is the single greatest artistic achievement in the history of humanity.

The original Super Mario Bros. (left) and Mario 3 (right), featuring the immortal frog suit

But it is unlikely, since Nintendo continues to operate a strict policy of exclusivity on its in-house games, of which Mario is the jewel in the crown. Boo!


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