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iPad vs Xbox One for games; Xbox One vs iPad comparison and buying advice

Matt Egan | Dec. 4, 2013
Should you buy an iPad or Xbox One? We compare the Xbox and iPad

On the other hand there are, literally, tens of thousands of games for iPad - including everything from free casual games to FIFA 14, Football Manager, Minecraft, Infinity Blade, Deus Ex etc. And they top out at around seven quid. We've listed a few of our favourites here: The 69 best iOS games: Great gaming apps for iPad & iPhone.

If you have to have the most complex versions of the latest games, the Xbox One is likely to be the place to be for the forseeable future, but don't discount the iPad as a gaming platform. Games coders know they can make good money in the App Store and the days of the iPad being only a casual gamer are long gone. See also: iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C comparison review: what's the difference between the new iPhones?

iPad vs Xbox One for games: performance
It's a similar tale here. The Xbox One is clearly the more powerful device, but the iPad Air is far from a poor gaming tool. In our tests, Geekbench 3 showed the iPad Air's processor clocked at 1.39 GHz - a tad higher than the Apple A7 in the iPhone 5s which reads 1.30 GHz - and it returned a score of 2703 points in multi-core mode; and 1487 points for a single core.

In the Egypt HD graphics test the iPad Air could play at an average framerate of 48 fps, and we really can't imagine anyone being disappointed by its gaming capabilities.

The Xbox One delivers a thoroughly next-gen experience, however. Forget all that fanboy nonsense of the past few months about native rendering resolution and such.

Gaming on the Xbox One is both more fun than expected and an arresting visual spectacle on a par with the best the PlayStation 4 has to offer. Forza Motorsport 5 is the sharp, clean, smooth racing sim a next-generation launch title should be. Dead Rising 3 is impressive in its scope, and we didn't notice any crippling slowdown when mowing down hundreds of zombies.

It's miles beyond what any current-generation console could hope to pull off, and further miles beyond the iPad Air.

iPad vs Xbox One for games: the verdict
If you need the best, have the funds to pay for expensive games, controllers and displays, and portability isn't an issue, the Xbox One is the only game in town. But don't discount the iPad Air as a gaming device (or indeed any iPad). The iPad enjoys a wider selection of much less expensive games, and offers a portability that the Xbox One cannot match, being locked into your front room.


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