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iPhone 5 rumor roll-up for the week ending Nov. 11

John Cox | Nov. 14, 2011
The iPhone 5 becomes the smartphone equivalent of the Holy Grail, a repository of the iOSsphere's technological hopes and dreams and, best of all, melodrama. This week: shatterproof OLED display, the curse of the iPhone 4S, cursing Samsung and the January surprise.

iPhone 5 will be delayed because iPhone 4S is so successful

"[T]hose hoping the 4S would implode so the iPhone 5 they want will arrive sooner are back to square one as well, with its release date still not likely to happen before the middle of next year," writes Beatweek's Bill Palmer.

As is his wont, Palmer goes into a long rant about Them -- the "rabid Apple haters" who "get out of bed in the morning for the sake of attempting to sabotage Apple products" by means of "cleverly sadistic" "scare tactics" and endlessly creating the "faux-controversy" du jour.

But eventually he gets around to what could be called his point: "the continued success of the iPhone 4S ..., doesn't mean Apple isn't in a hurry to get the iPhone 5 to market ..." Meaning that Apple is in a hurry to get the iPhone 5 to market.

And that's because Apple has been trying for months to get the darn thing out the door. Palmer repeats, yet again, his conviction that Apple was "apparently attempting to release the iPhone 5 in summer 2011, with the iPhone 4S having been intended as little more than a souped-up replacement for the disjointed carrier-segregated iPhone 4 lineup ..." But "Apple eventually gave up and pushed the iPhone 4S out as the new flagship product instead. That means Apple sees the iPhone 5 as overdue, and it could give it a release date at any time in 2012. Our money is still on the summer, unless iPhone 4S sales unexpectedly plummet early in 2012."

The moral: Apple's true fans will pray for the iPhone 4S to fail ASAP, so the Next Great iPhone and not just a souped-up replacement can take its rightful place on the world stage.

The Southern Daily Press channels Palmer: "If blame is to be placed for the neverending delay of the iPhone 5, place it on the people who stood in line for long periods of time to buy the iPhone 4S."

Inconsiderate, short-sighted, selfish 4S buyers: Shame on you.

Blame Samsung for the iPhone 5 delay

News sites are picking up a story, originally posted at The Hankyoreh, a South Korean newspaper, that claims that a Taiwanese manufacturer had trouble meeting the "required stability standard" for a "key part" for iPhone 5, forcing Apple to delay its introduction. And instead to go with just the souped-up replacement for the existing iPhone 4.

So, why blame Samsung? Because, according to the Korean newspaper, the key part in question had been built by Samsung, and Apple shifted it to the Taiwanese company because of all the legal hassles it was having with Samsung.


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