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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending August 31

John Cox | Sept. 3, 2012
As September edged nearer, with all its trembling magical promise, the iOSphere seized on rumors that any sane person would dismiss out of hand, such as the Next iPhone having a new AirPlay version that won't work with Wi-Fi.

iPhone 5 parts pour onto the Web from...who knows where

A mélange of purported parts made their appearance this week, with 9to5Mac offering a sampling of the components, without even attempting to examine their provenance.

Some of them came from the French tech site, NoWhereElse and 9to5Mac's Elyse Betters at least linked to a Google translation of that post

Based on the translation, the French site apparently obtained the photographs from a catalog provided by a Chinese parts distributor, SinoCet. Such companies "have long since realized that they could reap some benefits of this turmoil. Thus, they do not hesitate to boast of being in possession of parts produced for a future and obviously highly anticipated iDevice. The huge free visibility that gives them their little indiscretions is confirmed with the arrival of the iPhone 5 ..."

Make of that what you will; 9to5Mac makes rather more of it than The Rollup does.

So does Zach Epstein, writing at BoyGeniusReport about the images "believed to be authentic." "The difference this time, however, is the fantastic quality of the images," he gushes. "The pictures show the purported sixth-generation iPhone parts with vivid clarity...." The implication is that the quality of the image, by some kind of iOSphere alchemy, validates their authenticity.

Another new iPhone component, pictured here, is supposed to be the new phone's logic board, which, if you blow up the image, shows a black chip labeled "A6" [in the left side assembly, the big black block near the top].

"We are a bit weary of the authenticity of this picture, as its originator, Sonny Dickson, said it needed to be 'enhanced with Photoshop,'" Betters writes. (She presumably meant "wary" but let's face it, "weary" works just as well, if not better.) Sonny Dickson is listed on his website as a "9to5Mac Researcher" and self-identified hacker. Earlier in August he posted a variety of purported iPhone 5 components but made no mention whatever of how or from whom he'd gotten them. And 9to5Mac's Betters apparently didn't bother to ask him about the logic board's provenance.

Rumors or rather rank speculations have been circulating since before the iPhone 4S that Apple would launch the next iPhone with a quad-core processor. But it's not as though poor iPhone performance is a chronic or even occasional complaint. Four cores at this stage seems like overkill, especially in light of the graphics improvement achieved when Apple added a quad-core graphics processor to the dual-core CPU in the latest iPad. The iPhone 4S runs the dual-core A5; the new Retina Display iPad runs the A5X, a slightly modified version that adds the quad-core graphics processor.


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