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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending August 31

John Cox | Sept. 3, 2012
As September edged nearer, with all its trembling magical promise, the iOSphere seized on rumors that any sane person would dismiss out of hand, such as the Next iPhone having a new AirPlay version that won't work with Wi-Fi.

They continue: "It's this last point which makes us very skeptical about the top or bottom RF windows being used for a relatively small NFC loop - not because such a thing is impossible - but rather because of how terrible the resulting ease of alignment and maximum coupling distance would be. Most NFC implementations at present place the inductive coils as near to the center of the device as possible, partly because this is the most optimal way to maximize the area which can be dedicated to it, partly because it makes alignment natural. With an NFC antenna at the extreme top or bottom, alignment with non-iPhones (for example, payment tokens or reader tags) becomes a much more confusing task, and that doesn't seem like the Apple-like level of polish everyone is waiting for to drive NFC adoption."

So what is this mysterious square chip if it's not NFC? It's probably the new touch and display controller combination, according to AnandTech. There are "a healthy number of signaling pins in the flex cable leaving the mystery chip, some of which appear to be signaling for the front facing camera which is part of the assembly, others for earpiece, proximity, and ambient light sensor. In addition this assembly also is obviously the assembled display and touch stack," they write.

Their conclusion: "When you consider the inclusion of in-cell touch sensing which has been rumored for the upcoming iPhone [and which would create a thinner display], and the requirement for time multiplexing of both display driving and touch sensing signals (to mitigate interference and make this possible), it's more likely that the components under that heavily shielded (and grounded with a big spring finger) EMI can are the touch and display controller combo that need to work in conjunction for in-cell to be possible."

iPhone 5 leaked parts look like the parts in this leaked document

New Zealand PC World "obtained a document" - originally sent to a New Zealand "retailer" - that describes a number of iPhone 5 components similar to those disclosed by another Website, for the repair service, iResQ.

Oddly, the PC World post doesn't actually show this precious document. We're told it "comes from a trusted source, and was originally sent by a reputable supplier of iPhone components in China."

Based on the document, "The components for Apple's new iPhone that have been leaked online appear to be legitimate," the PC World story announces, referring to posts at iResQ, such as this one on 20 August.

The story explains what it doesn't show: "The document shows the iPhone's two-tone rear panel, as rumoured. The black version of the iPhone will come in dark grey/black, and the white in white/silver. The phone appears to be a similar shape to the iPhone 4/4S despite its obviously taller screen; however, the document does not say how large the screen is."

"The battery is the same as the one pictured in iResQ's images, and the power/dock connector is smaller than in previous versions of the iPhone, in line with rumours of a 9-pin connector," according to PC World.


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