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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Dec. 31

John Cox | Jan. 4, 2012
The holiday season brought a stuffed stocking of iPhone 5 rumors to the iOSsphere, closing out 2011 with a whimper of joyful speculation.

But neither Fitchard nor Haberman ever mention the iPhone, let alone the iPhone 5.

But Magee is able to see beyond the surface, deep into the underlying thinking of Apple's senior management. He recycles the persistent conviction among many in the iOSsphere that the true iPhone 5, with LTE support, has been ready for months. "It's not that Apple didn't have the new iPhone ready," Magee declares. "It's that the network isn't ready for Apple's new iPhone."

It's never clear where the ready-to-go iPhones are physically located in this scenario. Perhaps they're stored at Apple's Cupertino headquarters, or maybe in its massive, new North Carolina data center, visible from space, or they're moldering on pallets at a Foxconn assembly plant in China. iPhone 5s longing to be free.

"Verizon is planning to update its IMS software and taking other steps to minimize outages, but one can't help but believe that Apple has no interest in releasing its LTE 4G compatible iPhone until the network outage issues are solved," Magee continues. "Sure, users would understand it's the network not the iPhone, but Apple also understands its product would suffer the consequences."

The special beauty of this rumor is that Magee doesn't have to pretend there's even one source for it. It's just, you know, obvious, once you have insight into Apple's "interest" and what it "understands."



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