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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 20

John Cox | Jan. 24, 2012
The iOSsphere, not being battery powered, never runs down when it comes to iPhone 5 rumors, though it can be draining in other ways.

The iOSsphere, not being battery powered, never runs down when it comes to iPhone 5 rumors, though it can be draining in other ways.

This week, we go gaga over batteries; debate whether a 4-inch iPhone 5 display is what Steve would do; marvel at new fan art; and reflect on the implications of a waterproof iPhone 5.

You read it here second.

"What would Steve do?" -- Ed Sutherland,, on the proper criteria to use in evaluating the credibility of iPhone 5 rumors.

iPhone 5 will have revolutionary battery for LTE

The basis for this is another low-key, restrained explication, by Patently Apple, of a just-published Apple patent application that would let the company create custom-shaped batteries to minimize space, and to fit the spaces of a device design. Here's Patently Apple's headline: "Apple to Redesign Battery Shapes for Future, Thinner Devices." 

No mention of "iPhone 5" or "LTE."

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The true significance of the patent information was extracted by deft reinterpret ion by some in the iOSsphere, such as Cult of Mac: "Apple Is Working To Revolutionize Batteries In Time For LTE iPhone 5." 

CoM's Killian Bel writes that Apple hasn't adopted LTE because the existing chipsets are too big and they "eat up so much power your new iPhone 4S wouldn't even last the six hours that you currently get, if it was hooked up [instead] to an LTE network."

"However, a new Apple patent application reveals that the Cupertino company has already set about revolutionizing its batteries to make them thinner and more efficient -- possibly making way for LTE connectivity in the iPhone 5," Bel continued in sweeping fashion.

But a revolution in the shape of a battery doesn't mean there's a revolution in the capacity of the battery. Based on Patently Apple's reporting, the Apple application focuses on battery shapes "that will fit their specific dream designs and form factors."

Current battery designs are essentially givens: In some respect the device design has to accommodate the requirements of the battery's unchanging shape. "Apple's invention relates to a battery cell which includes a set of electrode sheets of different dimensions arranged in a stacked configuration to facilitate efficient use of space inside a portable electronic device," according to Patently Apple. "For example, the electrode sheets may be arranged in the stacked configuration to accommodate a shape of the portable electronic device. The stacked configuration may be based on a non-rectangular battery design such as a toroidal [donut-shaped] design, an L-shaped design, a triangular design, a pie-shaped design, a cone-shaped design, and/or a pyramidal design."


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