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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 20

John Cox | Jan. 24, 2012
The iOSsphere, not being battery powered, never runs down when it comes to iPhone 5 rumors, though it can be draining in other ways.

At the end of the post, Patently Apple allows that "the battery may represent increased packaging efficiency and/or capacity over a rectangular battery that is used in the same iPad today."

To be fair, Bel eventually gets to all this in his post, but by then you know all you need to know: revolutionary batteries, iPhone 5, LTE, QED.

LTE battery drain on Verizon phones is a painfully recurring topic on Android blogs and forums. As a result, batteries have assumed a prominent place in the Androidosphere. Android Community reported in December 2011 that "Samsung promises better battery life in 2012."  And Cult of Android itself earlier this month blared out a "Deal Alert" -- "All Extended Batteries For Verizon's 4G LTE Devices Are 50% Off." 

But so far, no indication of revolutionary Android batteries.

iPhone 5 will have 4-inch screen: analyst

Or 0.5 inches longer in the diagonal than the screen of the much maligned and widely purchased iPhone 4S.

International Business Times, in a blessedly short item, got hold of a "note to clients" by Susquehanna Financial analyst Chris Caso (or he read another website which had) and concluded by golly that "Apple iPhone 5 May Come with 4-Inch Display: Analyst."

But judging from the note's quote, Caso pretty clearly was just giving his best guess, or speculation, about the size of the screen. "With respect to iPhone 5, we continue to estimate production to begin around June 2012 and believe this phone will feature a larger 4" screen," he wrote.

"We believe" is a pretty mild observation in this context. It clearly implies the believer wouldn't be too surprised to find out eventually that the screen was larger than 4 inches or even smaller than 4.

We can be more definite. We believe the iPhone 5 screen will be at least 3.5 inches and less than 9.7 inches.

Cult of Mac's Ed Sutherland isn't impressed with Caso's belief, though. With regard to iPhone 5 screen size, he asks, literally, "What would Steve do?" Sutherland didn't, apparently consult a tarot reader or Ouija board or medium to ask the late Steve Jobs directly, so his answer sounds a bit confused.

"The 3.5-inch display is perfect for the average human hand -- anything larger and using the screen literally becomes a reach," he argues. "So, will the next iPhone have a larger screen? Probably. But we're unlikely to see an iPhone with a 4-inch screen. Which is how Apple has always kept ahead of its opponents, by zigging when everyone else is zagging."

Which seems to mean that despite the fact that the current 3.5-inch display is perfect, the Next iPhone probably will have a bigger screen but it's unlikely to be 4 inches big. So, if we split the difference, it's clear that iPhone 5 will have a 3.75-inch screen.


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