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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 5

John Cox | April 8, 2013
Production runs, price cuts, defying common sense, patent passion

As welcome as this hot "news," might be, MacRumors' Erick Slivka poured, dumped and deluged icy water all over it.

"MacFan's specific claim of a June 20 media event seems to defy common sense on several levels," he sniffed.

The problem is that Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, WDC, which certainly qualifies as a Special Media Event, is usually held in June. He thinks it will run June 10-14. So, "it seems extremely unlikely that the company would expect the media to return for a separate media event just a week later to show off the iPhone 5S," Slivka declares.

What seems extremely unlikely is the Media pouting and whining over how "we were just in San Francisco the week before and we now have to go back AGAIN?!" and boycotting the announcement of the 5S.

He helpfully explains Apple's media strategy. "Even when it is running a tight schedule to launch significant numbers of new products, Apple schedules significant gaps between its announcements in order to allow each one to have its full share of publicity." Slivka doesn't seem to grasp the concept of Internet Newstime: One day is like unto a thousand years. Seven or 10 days after WDC, no one will even remember what "WDC" stands for.

But there's more. "Second, Apple almost universally holds its media events on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, with the theory being that Mondays are poor days for members of the media who may need to travel to the event location the day before and that Thursdays and Fridays don't leave enough time for the full publicity impact before the news cycle is interrupted by the weekend."

Setting aside the obviously flawed view of the news cycle -- namely, that a mere weekend would interrupt the world's 24/7 digital focus on the Next iPhone -- it is, frankly, heartwarming to read of a reporter's blind belief that Apple is solicitous of the Fourth Estate.

The upshot is that Slivka is not optimistic about June 20 and thinks you shouldn't be either. It's "much more likely" that iPhone 5S will be announced at WDC. Or else on a Tuesday or Wednesday "at least several weeks removed from WWDC."

One or the other. Definitely.

iPhone 6 will look just like a patent application drawing and the Nokia 900

And it won't have a home button!

GSMArena happily posted two unauthenticated, blurry, badly lit, low-contrast photographs that were sent to the website by some guy, even though, as the post itself admitted, they "could either be photoshopped or even digitally rendered altogether." In other words, fakes.

There are certain image conventions in the iOSphere. Real fake iPhones, dubbed "concept art" by the cottage industry of iPhone fan artists, are crisp, crystalline, brilliant. Fake real iPhones are invariably grainy, blurry and murky, as if none of the photographers had access to a halfway decent smartphone camera and instead were relying on an antique Kodak Instamatic whose film got messed up while being processed at the local CVS drugstore.


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