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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 4

John Cox | July 7, 2014
Mocking mockups, partial to parts, the September Unsurprise.

The last sentence simply summarizes Apple's most common practice so far: announcing new models on a Tuesday or Wednesday and making them available for purchase on the second Friday after the announcement. Which we more or less knew on September 10, 2013.

iPhone 6 front glass cover for 4.7-inch model revealed

A glass panel, purporting to be the front of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, was revealed at 9to5Mac using photographs supplied by Australian Leaker Sonny Dickson. Dickson, as of this posting, has apparently not yet posted the photos on his own Website.

Mark Gurman noted that while numerous "mockups" (not to mention endless "renderings" or fan art) claiming to show the iPhone 6 have been disclosed "actual parts for the display cover for the larger phone have yet to leak out."

"Today, Sonny Dickson sent us several photos of purported display glass covers in both black and white variations for the 4.7-inch iPhone," Gurman wrote.

If that sounds like a Big Deal, it's really not. "The images do not indicate any breakthrough new features for the next-generation iPhone, but the availability of these parts indicates that the new iPhone is nearing mass-production ahead of a launch this fall," Gurman wrote, confidently. As we've already seen, at this point almost every iPhone rumor indicates that the new iPhone is nearing mass-production ahead of a launch this fall.

One of the photos from Dickson shows the iPhone 5s/5c front glass panel, at left, and the purported 4.7-inch iPhone 6 front panel at right. In case you're not sure, the one at the right is bigger.

"The edges also appear to be slightly curved," says Gurman, which indicates how he, at least, interprets persistent rumors that Apple is experimenting with, or planning, or manufacturing "curved screens." To The Rollup, the Dickson photos seem to show a more beveled rather than rounded or curved edge. So, who knows?

What's really odd, even bizarre, about these photos is that in light of the intense speculation that Apple is spending like a billion dollars to manufacture synthetic sapphire, presumably for device cover glass, no one at 9to5Mac or Dickson or Dickson's sources apparently thought to ask the really obvious question: "Are these made out of sapphire?" [For more details, see "How Apple's billion dollar sapphire bet will pay off"]

If Dickson actually has these objects he could test it himself. Or at least ask his source, who presumably has the glass panels, to test them, even if all either of them did was to rub it with a chunk of concrete. That test potentially would reveal at least one breakthrough feature.

iPhone 6 internal parts reveal for the first time that phone has internal parts


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