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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending March 14

John Cox | March 18, 2014
With spring stirring, so is the iOSphere's optimism, not to mention Wall Street's. The thrilling prospect of a Big Screen iPhone 6 is prompting visions of an upgrade tidal wave.

"GT is expecting more than 80% of its revenue in 2014 to come from sapphire and this would require production of a lot more than 11 million units," Mayo writes. As noted, that revenue includes both sapphire material, such as the project with Apple, and sales of sapphire manufacturing equipment. "9to5Mac has already reported that Apple has procured enough sapphire machinery, through GT, to make over 100 million iPhone screens a year," Mayo continues.

The question is when that level of production will or can be achieved. Mayo for example ignores Virey's estimate that the GTAT/Apple plant in Mesa could deliver material for about 42 million iPhone covers by year's end, and then double that by the end of 2015.

Virey, as quoted by Margolis, thinks that given the size of the Arizona project, the most likely use of sapphire in this quantity will be in smartphone screens and not, for example, cover glass for a rumored smartwatch. But Tim Cook has recently reiterated that Apple will be introducing new product "categories" plural later in 2014. There's at least a chance that sapphire glass might feature in one or more of these, and move into smartphone screens in 2015.

iPhone 6 will have a microUSB charging port, because of EU regulations

This is a pageview-engineered rumor, erroneously based on the latest news that the European Union has extended its "support microUSB charging or die" rule from smartphones to tablets.

The news of the extension was reported by, among others, KnowYourMobile, in a post by Paul Briden. "A while back the European Union passed into law a requirement that all smartphones sold within its member states use microUSB chargers, but crucially, that legislation didn't cover tablets," he writes, unhappily. "Happily, this has now changed, as the EU has expanded the statutory law to include tablet devices."

Even though this rule extension doesn't apply to the iPhone 6, or to any smartphone, David Gilbert at International Business Times created a post saying that it did, with the clickbait headline "Will EU Ruling Force Apple to Change iPhone 6 Charger?"

It's on ominous post. "An EU ruling will force all smartphone manufacturers to use microUSB chargers from 2017 - potentially causing trouble for Apple," he writes.

Except it doesn't. For years, Apple has complied with the smartphone microUSB mandate by offering an adapter for its older 30-pin connector and the newer Lightning connector. The adapter is acceptable under the EU mandate.

As Gilbert, at the end of his own post, admits. "If Apple didn't want to give up using its proprietary ports, it could possibly get around the legislation by including a lightning-to-microUSB adaptor in the box with every new iPhone, iPad or iPod."



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