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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending May 3

John Cox | May 6, 2013
De-glitzing iOS, curvobsession, Peter the Great, 20-nanometer magic

If you're so inclined, you can find details of the non-rectangular battery here. From the patent application: "The battery cell includes a set of layers forming a non-rectangular shape, wherein the set of layers comprises a cathode with an active coating, a separator, and an anode with an active coating." The summary description concludes: "Furthermore, the non-rectangular shape is created by removing material from one or more of the layers."

From the second application, on manufacturing a battery cell: "The battery cell includes a set of layers including a cathode with an active coating, a separator, and an anode with an active coating. The battery cell also includes a pouch enclosing the layers, wherein the pouch is flexible. The layers may be wound to create a jelly roll prior to sealing the layers in the flexible pouch. A curve may also be formed in the battery cell by applying a pressure of at least 0.13 kilogram-force (kgf) per square millimeter to the layers using a set of curved plates applying a temperature of about C. to the layers."

Here's one of the application's drawings that shows, presumably, what it all means (from the post at Geekwire). Sure enough: The battery cell is curved slightly at one end.

Anything that can make more efficient use of space, and put to use previously wasted space, inside a mobile device is worth exploring. For one thing, you could actually make the battery larger.

The new curved iPhone battery rumor fits in neatly with the apparently inexhaustible fascination with curved iPhone display screens, and before that, with curved iPhone bodies. Maybe the explanation of curvobsession is simpler, more emotional: people are just sick of straight lines.

iPhone 6 will be announced in June ... 2014

The reason this "news" is so depressing is because it's so depressingly familiar.

Jonathan Ratner's post at the Financial Post carries the headline: "iPhone 6 coming in June 2014: Misek."

"Misek" is of course the great, the redoubtable, or perhaps just doubtable, Peter Misek, a stock analyst with the investment banking firm of Jefferies.

Needless to say this is dispiriting news. It's also the same news, by the same stock analyst, that the Rollup covered for the Jan. 18 edition

So this isn't really news. But if you have a short enough memory, or only short-term memory like the protagonist in "Memento," every rumor can seem new.

Misek apparently doesn't have much to add, except that the June 2014 iPhone will have a "bigger screen" according to Ratner. Here's the complete, and only, comment in the Financial Post's post about screen size: "Apple Inc. will likely launch a larger screen iPhone 6 in June 2014, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek."


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