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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending May 31

John Cox | June 3, 2013
Apple iPhone 6 rumors: Interpreting Tim, Gaze Detection, iOS 7 changes, Super Retina.

Words are an inherently unsatisfactory way to describe something so visual and in a sense tactile as iOS. Despite Gurman's details, it's hard to visualize at this point what the UI will actually look like, or how it will "feel," as a unified experience. But in about two weeks, we'll all know.

iPhone 6 or 5S, whatever, will have a "Super Retina" display, and 1.5 million pixels
A Chinese language website started this rumor with a post that the Next iPhone will double the Retina display resolution of the iPhone 5, as summed up by Sam Oliver's post at AppleInsider. That would mean packing 1.5 million pixels into the same 4-inch display, according to Oliver.

The iPhone 5 has a Retina display, with a resolution of 1360 by 640 pixels and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, for a total count of about 730,000 pixels, according to Oliver.

He points out that HTC's recently announced HTC One smartphone has a 4.7-inch screen that supports a full 1080p HD resolution: screen density is 486 pixels per inch, and total pixel count is over 2 million.

Oliver doesn't asses this news, but iMore editor Rene Ritchie does.

Ritchie links back to his January post, "Imagining a 5-inch iPhone," which looked at Apple's options for increasing the screen size to 5 inches. Then, he concluded that doubling the current iPhone 5 resolution — to 2272 x 1280 pixels at 522 ppi — on a 5-inch screen would "require even more graphics processing power, more LED light, and more battery, and it would be absolutely bats**t insane. ... Going to 5-inches @4x probably isn't something within the current realms of technology, economics, or reason, however."

Trying to do that on a 4-inch display, as the rumor has it, "to put it just as bluntly, is even more bats**t insane," Ritchie writes in his current post. "Until humans grow hawk eyes, there's just no need. If and when Apple goes to 5-inches, maybe @3x [three times the original iPhone resolution] will make sense, or maybe a more painful switch to the 1080p standard. Maybe there's even something in the Apple labs that does 2x Retina in a very different way than what's being reported right now ..."


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