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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for week ending Oct. 26

John Cox | Oct. 29, 2012
With iPhone 5 finally unveiled, it's already become old hat for the iOSphere. After all, what's really new?

With iPhone 5 finally unveiled, it's already become old hat for the iOSphere. After all, what's really new?

Yes, it has a bigger screen, the CPU is more powerful, it has LTE, and that cool diamond-cut chamfer.

But honestly, it looks so much like the iPhone 4S, which looks so much like the iPhone 4. For some, it's evidence if not proof of the "death of innovation" at Apple, the already-baneful legacy of bean-counter Tim Cook vs. visionary Steve Jobs.

So to get a really delicious technical frisson, you need to look to the future, and the iOSphere has already begun doing just that. Some of the rumor and speculation from earlier this month.


"Start planning to dazzle us, please. Nothing corporate. Something freaking amazing."

~Chris Maxcer, at MacNewsWorld, advising Apple on the how to succeed in the smartphone market.


iPhone 6: The date

It's "absurd" to think Apple will release iPhone 6 in early or mid-2013, a mere six to nine months after releasing iPhone 5. But they might do it anyway.

The "both-and" formulation is typical of the iOSsphere, and evident in a post at The iPhone6NewsBlog, which points out that past rumors predicting earlier releases for Apple mobile products have proven groundless, not to mention absurd. But when Apple unveiled a fourth-generation full-size iPad this month, replacing the third-generation iPad announced in March, everyone felt cheated or confused or dizzy with the potentialities.

"But for as much as rumors of Apple releasing new devices less than a year from the most recent iteration's release might seem like pipe dreams, Apple's move to release a fourth generation iPad along with its iPad mini this week should at least give us some pause: Cupertino has now proven it is capable of doing it."

Cupertino is capable of doing anything.

"Why then would it be impossible to imagine that the next iPhone maybe not the 6, but a refreshed iPhone 5S couldn't be released at the WWDC in June of 2013?"

The iOSphere has proven it's capable of imagining anything.

iPhone 6 will have a "magic morphing chassis" to hide "hideous blemishes"

TechRadar doubtless speaks for many in its outrage over how the iPhone 5's "luxurious aluminum and glass chassis" is "interrupted" on the back by the camera and flash and on the front with that "unsightly light sensor and front-facing camera."

What idiot suggested giving the Apple design team a prestigious award

But, as TechRadar says, "[l]uckily it looks like the Cupertino-based firm may be about to hide those hideous blemishes, if a new set of patents are to be understood correctly."


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