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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for week ending Oct. 26

John Cox | Oct. 29, 2012
With iPhone 5 finally unveiled, it's already become old hat for the iOSphere. After all, what's really new?

Maxcer doesn't have a list of features he wants in the Next iPhone so we don't have to listen, yet again, to yet another ecstatic account of the 8th Wonder of the Smartphone World, near field communications.

But he does have "long-term nagging doubts," he admits. And the doubts give voice to questions, Big Questions. And lots of them:

+ "Can Apple re-imagine a new smartphone?"

+ "Are we looking at a bleak future of incremental upgrades? Will the next iPhone 6 come in 6 snazzy new colors? Will Apple try to offer new paint and tires with the next version of the iPhone?"

+ "Apple created a world where people care about design, but can Apple continue to be insanely great with the overall design of the iPhone?"

We feel for the guy, laboring under this immense burden of technoangst. He cries out to Apple in his anguish.

"Just please don't confuse massive sales and happy customers for success because you're treading close to the edge," he warns the world's most profitable, and apparently, most unsuccessful company. "I get the impression that Steve Jobs never confused massive commercial sales with success. Sales is not the end goal. Sales is not success."

What is success? "Being the leader means creating products that delight, amaze, and compel the world to pay attention," Maxcer counsels Apple. "Commercial sales success is a byproduct of a great product. It's just one proof point, but that's it, a proof point. Being the leader, no matter what the market numbers say, means inciting desire, pure and simple."

The most wanted features for iPhone 6

Whatever it is, iPhone 6 can't come soon enough to spare us six or nine or 12 months more of lists.

Far-rumoring bloggers like CNET's David Carnoy are already posting their lists of the must-have, most wanted, most desirable, most cool features for iPhone 6.

And the lists look a lot like the lists before the iPhone 5 was released. And before the iPhone 4S was released.

Like "biometric security," even though Carnoy undermines his own claim that this is a "most wanted" feature by saying this is "hardly a must-have upgrade." But. "[B]ut it would be cool to swipe with your finger -- instead of entering a password -- to unlock your phone," he writes.

No list would be complete without near field communications, NFC, and it's on Carnoy's list. "Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller said that it isn't clear that NFC is a solution to any current problem," Carnoy notes. "That doesn't mean that Apple won't go ahead later on and use it as a selling point for a future iPhone." And that's true. Because in the future, there might be a current problem to which NFC actually is a solution.


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