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IT: Forget the device, secure the data

Elden Nelson | June 25, 2015
We delve deeper into how information security professionals are moving toward practices that secure the data itself rather than securing the device. What are these practices and what are their strengths and pitfalls?

Proxy servers and in-house key storage are two additional steps that some organizations have employed to up the security of the data. Both systems decrease an attacker's ability to access the data, however neither of these approaches solves the problem of manipulating encrypted data. Homomorphic encryption has been saluted as the Holy Grail that will remedy our need to use dynamic but encrypted data. However, this solution is still in a testing stage and is not yet a functioning security product.

Just as security mechanisms become more sophisticated, so do the tactics deployed by malicious attackers. Without a robust multifaceted security system in place, even the most protected data will be vulnerable to the attempts of hackers. These days, the question about data hacks is not how, but when. Implementing strategies that not only allow an organization to prepare, protect and react, but also increase the opportunity cost for would-be hackers will be integral to data defense.


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