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IT managers are aloof, insular, says psychologist

Patrick Thibodeau | Dec. 30, 2011
Organizational psychologist Billie Blair explains how IT managers and their staffs are different from the rest of us.

What are the characteristics of an ideal IT manager? It's the same as for any other manager. The person is perceptive. They are willing to hear what others have to say. They are willing to be a participant in the goals of the organization.

IT managers are technically astute, smart, and aren't intimidated by statistics or raw data. If people with these attributes do become fully participating members of an organization, a business, what impact could they have?

Dramatic. Absolutely dramatic. Think in terms of Steve Jobs and the things he was able to do in his company. The IT folks have the capability of doing similar things and making similar kinds of contributions in their companies. So much of their life is hidden under a bushel because they don't discuss things, they don't divulge what they know, and the innovation that comes from that process doesn't happen, therefore, in the organization.


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