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It's polite to point: The coming of ubiquitous gesture control

Evan Dashevsky | June 14, 2013
PointGrab believes their purely software-based approach to gesture control may be the key to bringing this new take on UI to the masses.

Gad was quick to show off how the new generation of Intel Snapdragon processors will allow gadgets to read hand gestures caught on a back camera and process them for information on the front screen, adding a new dimension to augmented reality. The next generation of technology will feature various UIs working in concert to provide new dimensions of control.

Before Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, there were already touchscreen UIs aimed at consumers (going as far back as far as the early 1980s), but it took the right mix of hardware and software to make the technology viable for the masses. In the five-plus years since the iPhone exploded the way we interface with the digital world, manufacturers have attempted various takes at alternative touch-free UIs, but they have yet to take off with mass adaptation.

PointGrab is not a flawless interface, but it shows as much promise as sensor-based solutions like Kinect. And if the technology can become more popular with app developers, it will unleash a lot of new ideas and help the industry think further outside the box--literally.


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