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Izik search engine for iPad is no Google killer

Joel Mathis | March 26, 2013
Although it sports a well thought-out design for the iPad, Izik's search capabilities are not quite up-to-snuff with its mainstream competitors.

That might still be enough, especially when paired with Izik's aesthetic distinctiveness. But the Blekko search engine at the heart of the app doesn't appear--to me, anyway--to offer noticeably better or faster or even different results than Google or Bing. Blekko's website has a "search engine monte" test that lets you enter a term and let you blindly compare the results: Perhaps it's because I've been using Google for 13 years, but I consistently chose its results over both Blekko and Bing.

Bottom line

Although Izik isn't for me, your mileage may vary. Maybe all you want is simple, competent search displayed elegantly, and Izik certainly gets that job done. These days, though, that's just enough to leave us wanting more--Izik needs more than a smooth design to keep up.


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