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Learning through games

Nurdianah Md Nur | Oct. 16, 2013
The 4Di lab at Canberra Primary School encourages students to collaboratively build their knowledge through games.

Education today has gone beyond boring textbooks and worksheets to fun, experiential learning powered by technology.

As part of Singapore's Ministry of Education's FutureSchools masterplan, Dell and Playware Studios Asia recently introduced a 4Di Lab at Canberra Primary School. The 4Di Lab is a game-based learning solution that provides an experiential platform for students to collaboratively build their knowledge. 

Through the 14 touchscreens - each measuring 42 square metre - in the lab, students will be transported into another environment/themes where they will have to complete quests. Teachers will select the appropriate theme for their lesson from the eight available themes including nature and science, fairytale and history. Students could then explore the environment and complete the game by touching the touchscreens or navigating their avatars through tablets. For instance, students can trek through Singapore's rainforests to learn more about the plants and animals living there.

Each lesson at the 4Di lab will take about an hour and could accommodate up to 45 students. As content in the 4Di lab is not locked in, teachers can easily create and/or shape game content to suit the syllabus. Each theme thus offers many learning opportunities for students.  To encourage participative learning, teachers can add in write-ups from students that are relevant to the selected environment, which will be shared with other students. 

The 4Di lab is built on Playware Studios' 3DHive technology and is powered by Dell S300 projectors and the PowerEdge 2950 server.


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