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Legion Meter review: Check up on your USB chargers

Michael Simon | Jan. 27, 2015
Legion Meter will provide everything you could possible want to know about your chargers, all while helping you maximise their potential.

I didn't see much of an improvement in the time it took to juice up my devices over a USB port with no data capabilities, but plugging into my Mac was a different story. Previously, I rarely used one of my MacBook's spare USB ports to charge my iPhone, but thanks to Legion Meter's ingenuity, I might be doing it a bit more often. When in data passthrough mode, your device will connect as normal, with your iPhone sipping whatever available power it can get, but all that changes when you flip the switch--all syncing with iTunes is severed, so every drop of USB voltage can be used solely for charging.

While not quite up to the 92 percent claim, I consistently received faster charging through my Mac's USB port, in some cases reaching about 50 percent higher speeds with my iPhone 5 (and about 25 percent with an iPhone 6). It's not that PLX is overstating Legion Meter's abilities, but in my testing, charging times varied widely depending on a variety of factors. For example, I found that when my phone was running low, Legion Meter was more helpful than when it was nearly charged, so there may very well be a combination of device and charger out there that delivers on the promised gains. But even with nominal increases in charging speed, Legion Meter will make a great addition to your charging arsenal.


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