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Meet reqallable, the smartwatch app that rescues you from notifications overload

Jon Phillips | Feb. 3, 2014
Smartwatches usually treat notifications with blunt-force indiscretion. It's an all or nothing affair. You either turn off notifications entirely, letting your wrist wear go quiet, or you leave notifications on, and let the watch respond to all incoming signals with a buzz or a chime.

That's not a ringing endorsement of Sony's hardware, and during our meeting, I had to grill Vemuri on why his company is releasing an app into an ecosystem with such a small installed base. The app appears to be more of a fully-functioning proof-of-concept than anything people will actually use — if only because so few people actually use smartwatches, let alone Sony's.

I poked and prodded, but Vemuri wasn't having it. "There's a lot that can be improved in what we're seeing in smartwatches today. It's eventually going to happen, and it's unclear who will be the winner, and we're not trying to bet on which horse is going to be the winner. But our technology will help elevate those who sell smartwatches — and those who have them to make better use of them."


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