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Microsoft doesn't know what it has with HoloLens

Rob Enderle | Jan. 27, 2015
Microsoft has something amazing with the HoloLens, writes Rob Enderle. However, he says, Microsoft isn’t thinking big enough and someone else could take this concept and do things that are even more amazing.

I could go on, likely for several chapters, but the idea of a worn computer that has a near constant visual interface and the capability to change what you see crosses over into the area of magic. It's unlikely that we will realize the true potential of HoloLens for a number of years.

Big Challenge for Nadella

I work with a lot of companies including Microsoft and I've seen some amazing things over the years. Generally people get locked into the initial capability of a device and it takes years before they see its true potential. Often to reach that potential some other company advances that idea or someone inside the company leaves to further that idea, which is what happened with the Apple Newton and the Palm Pilot.

I think the Hololens will change computing as we know it, my only question is whether it will be Microsoft or someone else that figures out and executes on the full potential of this product. This may be the biggest challenge for Satya Nadella's Microsoft, well, ever.


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