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Mileage trackers made easy

Liane Cassavoy | May 22, 2015
Tracking mileage can be tedious, but it’s also necessary, whether you need to report it to the IRS or file for reimbursement from your employer. Here are three apps that make it quick and painless.

car driving highway mileage

Tracking mileage can be tedious--but it's also necessary, whether you need to report it to the IRS or file for reimbursement from your employer. And if your system involves scribbling odometer readings and meeting names on scraps of paper, I have good news for you: There's an easier way. Here are three apps that make tracking and reporting your miles a whole lot easier.

TaxMileage is all business. And for users who need to keep a complete log of their miles and get reimbursed for them, that's a good thing. This free app for Android and iOS will handle those tasks with ease.

TaxMileage lets you enter the purpose, objective, and destination of a trip before you begin tracking. You can also select which vehicle you're using, as the app lets you add multiple vehicles and companies. You can record the odometer reading at the beginning and end of the trip or allow the app to automatically track the miles for you.

The interface is simple and attractive, making TaxMileage easy to use, though I was slightly alarmed that the app spells "tracking" wrong. When you're using the GPS to track your route a button, at the bottom of the screen allows you to "Stop Traking." This seems like a simple oversight that should have been fixed, but wasn't. And while I didn't see any typos elsewhere--like on the reports that the app created--I wasted time looking for them. The last thing a professional needs is to file an expense report with typos on it.

Luckily the reports were polished enough to file without concern, but they aren't free. TaxMileage requires a paid subscription, starting at $10 per year, before you can create any reports. Without ponying up that dough, the app is very limited. But with the paid plan in place, TaxMileage will prove useful to anyone who needs to file multiple mileage logs to multiple companies.

Mileage Log+
Mileage Log+, an iOS-only app, costs $10 upfront. That's expensive, but you get a lot for the price. This app lets you track business, charity, and medical miles, and lets you save frequent trips so you can track them again.

Like TaxMileage, Mileage Log+ lets you enter the purpose and location of a trip, as well as the odometer reading of your vehicle. I like that it lets you add a contact for each trip, and that it supports multiple vehicles and lets you add expenses that you encounter along the way. I also like how easy it is to export a trip directly from your iPhone, which creates a report--both in PDF and CSV format--that you can email right from the device. The resulting report is simple but effective, reporting the details that you need.


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