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Mileage trackers made easy

Liane Cassavoy | May 22, 2015
Tracking mileage can be tedious, but it’s also necessary, whether you need to report it to the IRS or file for reimbursement from your employer. Here are three apps that make it quick and painless.

Mileage Log + isn't the most user-friendly app around. I found TaxMileage, with its step-by-step guidance, easier to use initially. Mileage Log+ threw me directly into creating a trip, without any introduction. But once I took the time to play around with Mileage Log+ and really got to know its features, I was impressed with how much this app really offers.

Klicks makes tracking your mileage about as streamlined as possible.  Unlike its competitors, which ask you to enter a lot of information before you start driving, this $3 iOS app does most of the work for you.

Klicks lets you create a journey by entering an odometer reading or a destination address. It uses your current location as your starting point, and tracks the miles as you drive. If you've enabled it in the settings menu, Klicks automatically tracks your return drive, too, allowing you to quick and easily track an entire trip.

Once your trip is done, you can edit its details by adding notes about the reason for travel. You also can choose between miles and kilometers, and can select the currency to be used, from an impressive list of choices.

Klicks lets you export your travel data to CSV format. Its report capabilities are not as slick as those offered by the more expensive Mileage Log+, which displays your mileage logs in neat PDFs that are easy to file with an employer. It also lacks the level of detail offered by both Mileage Log+ and Tax Mileage, which let you enter multiple vehicles and more specific bits of information about each trip. But what Klicks does offer is a slick, attractive design that's easy to use, and a mileage tracker that's as speedy as traveling on the freeway.


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