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Montessori at work

Owen McCall, director of and a member of CIO New Zealand's editorial advisory board | Jan. 28, 2015
Businesses can learn from the principles espoused by a doctor and educator that changed the game for schools at the start of the 20th century – and continues to today.

Some questions you could ask to support peer collaboration:

  • Do you incentivise individual performance or team performance?
  • Do your work spaces encourage collaboration or individual working?
  • Do you invest in your teams coaching and mentoring skills?

Does the Montessori system work and is it really relevant in the workplace? I don't know for sure but I do know it provided a great start for my children and it has produced its fair share of tech luminaries including Larry Page, Sergey Brin,Jeff Bezos, Jimmy Wales and Will Wright, not to mention Peter Drucker, perhaps the greatest management guru of our time.


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