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Moto G real-world review: The best budget phone money can buy

JR Raphael | Dec. 9, 2013
The Moto G provides an excellent overall experience at a low off-contract price -- but it's still a budget phone. So is it worth owning?

Similarly, advanced Moto X software features like Touchless Control — which lets you control your phone by speaking, even when it's asleep — and Active Display, which flashes relevant notifications on the screen when you need them, are absent on the Moto G. Motorola Connect, which allows you to receive notifications from your phone on any computer via the Chrome browser, is also M.I.A.

Bottom line
It's hard not to compare the Moto G to the higher-end Moto X, but in doing so, you have to remember something: These are two very different types of phones — and they're aimed at two very different types of buyers.

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line experience with all the bells and whistles, the Moto G isn't going to be the right device for you. That's simply not what it's designed to provide.

What the Moto G does provide, however, is an exceptional experience within the budget-level parameter. It has commendable performance, a comfortable design, and a clean and intuitive user interface. Factor in its great battery life and excellent display, and you've got a device that redefines just how good a budget phone can be.

If you want an unlocked smartphone for less than $200, there's really no other device you should even consider.


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