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New CIOs need at least two years to take charge, research finds

Anh Nguyen | Feb. 3, 2014
Some CIOs are not given enough time to fully take control of their role when they start a new job, research has found.

Know your transition type
"A lot of CIOs are not aware of the type of transition," Peppard said.

"For example, a turnaround transition is quite different from a successful-sustaining transition."

The report identified four types of transition, comprising start-up, turnaround (getting a troubled IT organisation back on track), realignment (revitalising an IT organisation that is drifting into trouble) and success-sustaining (preserving a successful IT organisation and taking it to the next level).

The type of transition was the most influential factor in how CIOs took charge, the report said, affecting the intensity of the three phases of the learning process, though not the phases and the associated timeline themselves. It even led businesses to choose their next CIO from different sources, for example, those requiring a leader for a turnaround or realignment were more likely to hire outsiders, while those looking for success sustaining looked at insiders and outsiders almost equally.

"CIOs need to ask the questions and recognise the transaction type. As a CIO, you've got to be clear about what constitutes a success to the CEO. What worked in the past might not work in the future," Peppard said.


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