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New TV seasons and surprising continuations

David Daw | March 25, 2013
This week, I look at some shows that mostly got unexpected second lives, whether from rebooting, lasting longer than expected, or coming back in a different form.

The Killing

Netflix, second season available now

The Killing's, (AMC, 2011-Present) pacing rightly drives a lot of fans and critics crazy. Its first season unfolded in a style that could be charitably called "lyrical" but is probably more accurately pinpointed as "extremely dull." The decision not to solve the central mystery of the show's first season--who killed Rosie Larsen--in the finale just added insult to injury. When the show returned for a second, stronger, season, it brought more focus to its characters and actually moved forward the overarching story, but still had significant flaws that made it probably the weakest show on AMC's schedule. As a result, the network canceled the show before a planned third season. Strangely, though, The Killing got a second chance and a third season through a joint deal between AMC and Netflix, with the two sharing production costs. Look forward to a third season on Netflix after it airs on AMC later this year.


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