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Quantum rewrites the rules of computing

Sharon Gaudin | March 19, 2014
NASA, Google testing D-Wave machine while debate rages over whether it's really quantum computing.

"It's the world's most delicate souffl," said Iannacchione.

If it's difficult to find software to take advantage of computers running multi-core chips, finding software to run on a quantum machine would be a much bigger issue.

Despite the doubts and difficulties associated with quantum computing, Brownell maintains that D-Wave is the first to build a commercial quantum computer that can do large, useful calculations.

"The most complex thing ever done by a quantum computer before ours was factoring the number 21 in a laboratory," he said. "This is one of the most important things to happen in computer science in the last 50 years. This becomes a whole new branch of computer science."



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