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Reduce tab clutter in Chrome with OneTab

Rick Broida | March 26, 2013
This incredibly handy extension not only consolidates lots of open tabs, but also dramatically reduces memory usage.

I don't know about you, but I keep a lot of tabs open in my Web browser (Google Chrome). For me it's work thing: I'm constantly opening new tabs while I research various topics I plan to write about during the day (or even the days to come).

However, as with all browsers, Chrome tends to get sluggish the more tabs I keep open. Plus, more tabs equals more clutter: once I get to around 10, it gets difficult to sort through them and find what I'm looking for.

I just found the perfect remedy: OneTab. This ingenious Chrome extension converts all your open tabs into a single one, thus freeing up considerable memory and making Chrome (and perhaps your entire PC) run quite a bit faster.

Once installed, OneTab adds a little filter-like icon to the far end of Chrome's address bar. Click it and every open tab disappears, replaced by, well, a OneTab tab. Within that you'll find all your tabs in a convenient list; click any one of them to reopen that tab, or click Restore all if you want them all back.

You can also mouse over a list item, then remove it by clicking the X that appears (akin to closing its tab). Or, drag and drop tabs to reorder your list.

OneTab offers a few other features that could prove handy as well. You can import and export all the URLs, or even turn your list of tabs into a shared Web page with its own unique URL (complete with QR code).

Suppose, for example, you've been shopping online for a new laptop, and you want to share all your findings with your spouse. Instead of copying and pasting all the URLs into an e-mail, you could just create a OneTab Web page and e-mail that single link.

This is my new favorite Chrome extension. I can't recommend it highly enough.


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