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Robotic tick collector, therapist/patient app among top Tufts $100K biz plan contenders

Bob Brown | April 5, 2013
13 finalists named in Tufts University's "classic" and social business plan competitions

Tufts University's Gordon Institute has named 13 finalists for two $50,000 business startup prizes, and the techier contenders' focus areas run the gamut from scooping up ticks to crowdsourcing new videogame ideas.

The Massachusetts school's entrepreneurial leadership program runs two competitions in one -- one for what it calls Classic Venture Businesses and another for Social Entrepreneurship. Seven finalist teams remain for the former competition and six for the latter. More than 100 proposals were submitted.

Most of the proposals - from students, alumni and faculty -- aren't especially IT-related, but we'll single out the ones that are at least close:

(Classic Venture Businesses)

*DeertickDrone, a robotic tick collector that sweeps outdoor areas of ticks.

*MyPsych, a computer application and website that proposes to streamline communication between therapists and patients.

*Teemplay, a videogame platform that will use crowdsourcing as a way to create new games.

(Social Entrepreneurship)

*Dexterity Global, which proposes to develop online and offline platforms to students in an effort to support a next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

*Medivate, an online platform that proposes to help practitioners of mindfulness meditation maintain their meditation schedules.

*Uji, a showerhead that helps users save water by changing from green to red as users take longer showers.

Finalists will present their proposals at an event on April 24 on the university's Medford/Somerville campus.


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