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Satechi Smart TV Box review: Android-based set-top box does a lot, but doesn't make it easy

Lincoln Spector | Jan. 15, 2015
Every streaming device, from your aging Blu-ray player to your Roku, has limitations. At some point, you're going to want to stream a service that your device doesn't support. When that happens, your only big-screen option is to plug a laptop, tablet, or smartphone into your HDTV. That way, you get a real operating system with complete flexibility.

Okay, here's the trick: Go to the Apps screen. Using the remote, select an app you want to add or remove from the desktop. Click and hold the OK button until a menu pops up. Select Desktop.

Other problems: The apps, both the ones that came with the Smart TV Box and those you downloaded, appear on screen in a random order. You can't alphabetize them. And the tool for adding apps to Favorites pops up a single-column list — in seemingly random order — that disappears as soon as you click a single app.

Bottom line

With all of Android's apps at its disposal, the Satechi Smart TV Box offers tremendous versatility for a set-top box. But the learning curve is steep and even after you've reached the top, it's a clumsy device to use.


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