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Sky customers furious after troubled email migration from Gmail to Yahoo!

Derek du Preez | April 10, 2013
Users complained that their accounts stalled as thousands of emails were downloaded.

Sky customers are furious after the company's migration away from Gmail to Yahoo! for its email platform, which has left users without access to the email and facing severe delays.

On Sky's website it states that the company has teamed up with Yahoo! to offer its customers a new email service, which was due to launch on 4th April, as Google could "no longer provide Sky with an email platform that caters for [its] requirements".

However, Sky's customer support forum was flooded with complaints after the new platform went live. One user wrote: "My mac is currently downloading 20,000 emails from the server! Nearly grinding to a halt. I can't view my emails through 'my sky' account, to delete them from the source. Keep getting an error message so the downloads continue. As others have said, what a total mess".

One user on Twitter (@distracted_di) complained: "Great now getting double emails from yahoo inbox but still not @skyhd email. This switch over to yahoo mail for sky is a farce".

The forum and Twitter are littered with similar complaints.

On Friday, Sky issued a statement saying that it was aware of the problem and that to avoid the chances of it impacting your account, customers should sign in via the web, as opposed to using a desktop based application.

It also said that if customers were experiencing the problem and it was causing problems with an application, they should shut the application, log in via the web based application and delete any old emails that are unwanted.

Sky said: "Following reduction of the volume of emails within your Sky Yahoo! Mail inbox, restart your desktop application to commence download of your emails."

Since issuing this advice Sky has since said that it is aware that some customers are now having problems signing into the webmail and are receiving an error message informing them that their account is suspended. Sky recommends that if you get this message you change your password and try again.

Last night Sky said: "Our engineers arecontinuing to work on identifying other ways to prevent having to download older emails again to desktop applications like Outlook. At the moment, however, advice remains that customers need to delete these emails directly by signing in to their email account on".


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