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Snoc partners Nexusguard to launch first cloud protection service in Thailand

Zafirah Salim | March 11, 2015
DDoS attacks are cheaper to execute in Thailand as compared to overseas, and such attacks can also cost an organisation an estimated THB$1.3 million per hour in damage.

Thailand is particularly vulnerable to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks due to a lack of specialised protection, according to a media statement by Secure Network Operation Centre Ltd (Snoc).

Filling this gap, Snoc and Nexusguard have created a direct security system - the first of its kind in Thailand - to protect against loss due to DDoS attacks.

"Our global network presence includes Thailand, enabling us to protect against both foreign and domestic threats. Joining forces with Snoc will provide an end-to-end solution against cyber attacks for Thai enterprises," said Bryan Sat, Nexusguard's Regional Channel Manager.

"Often, organisations do not realise they are under attack until it is too late. The damage has been done - their systems no longer function properly. The loss in revenue and reputation is staggering. Therefore, it is imperative to have a protection solution in place proactively," he added.

Thailand's vulnerability to DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks, also commonly known as volumetric attacks, are cyber attacks that slow down or disable networks by overwhelming them with a high volume of traffic generated from multiple sources.  

"Volumetric attacks are popular because the method is affordable and easy to execute. The cost to launch an attack is only THB$20 (US$0.60) in Thailand, while abroad the cost is approximately US$3 per target per hour," said Kittipan Sri-bua-iam, Chief Executive Officer of Snoc. He added that such attacks are estimated to cost an organistion THB$1.3 million (about US$39,600) per hour in damage.

In an effort to support the Thai government and its Digital Economy Policy, Snoc will also launch a "Raise Your Hand If You've Been Attacked" campaign. This campaign provides free trials to organisations that have been a cyber attack victim.

Snoc said that it aims to secure 100 clients and generate 50 million within the first year of enhancing the country's cyber security.


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