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Some users will 'kick and scream' at paying with slower chip cards

Matt Hamblen | June 25, 2015
Confusion expected as consumers adapt to using smart cards and new point-of-sale terminals

But that doesn't mean the user adoption curve will still be easy.

With initial user obstacles with chip cards, "it will be easier to use a smartphone with a mobile wallet and the experience will be arguably easier," Graham said. "Smart cards could offer a subtle tipping point for [adoption of] mobile wallets."

Like many in the technology field, Graham said he sees the value of mobile wallets and appreciates the enhanced security of both smart cards and NFC-ready smartphones. But he's also aware that many average consumers swipe their magnetic stripe cards for convenience and might not adapt quickly to the change despite the increased security for their personal data.

"I'm an early adopter, but it took my wife a while to stop writing checks, so she's going to go kicking and screaming into it," he said.


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