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Spammers dodge junk filters with Google Translate

John P. Mello | April 3, 2013
Junksters exploit Search Giant's good name to whitewash malicious messages

Signs that Google was aware of the translate exploit have been spotted by Barracuda. "[I]t appears that Google may be implementing code that defeats framebusting, but our tests are inconclusive," the company said.

"Some links now redirect to, while others still redirect to pharmacy sites," it explained. "We certainly hope this technique is not discovered by malware distributors."

The translate exploit is all part of the endless cat-and-mouse game between spammers and spam fighters, observed Wade Williamson, a senior security analyst with Palo Alto Networks.

"As long as spammers get some return --even though now it may not be as valuable as it was in the past -- I certainly don't see spam going away altogether any time soon," Williamson told CSO in an interview.

While the translate tactic has an interesting twist, spammers are full of interesting twists, added Dave Jevans, chairman and CTO of Marble Security. "Translate is a clever thing," he said. "But they'll find another clever thing next week."


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