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Spark Ventures CEO talks Qrious, Digilife and smart data

Sathya Mithra Ashok | Sept. 16, 2014
Rod Snodgrass discusses the focus areas of the NZ unit within the larger group, and its semi-independent nature that allows the division to function like an incubator within a telco giant.

For me the biggest challenge is about staying true to our way in the way we do things and the way we offer and finding the people we need as we move through those cycles.

Q: Can you provide an update on Digilife?
RS: That's our initiative around the connected home or smart life. We have just finished customer trials. We went through the process little over a month, and it went incredibly well. We have got the initial customer feedback and research back. We are working through that now to work out what's next. It was hugely positive. We have had a very high self-install success rate. That was one of the things we wanted validated.

Now we are looking at things like, given the customer feedback, what is the base proposition, what is the add-ons, what's the branding model, service model, clearly who we are going to partner with to take that to market. In the classic lean start-up lifecycle process, we are into the third stage. Fourth stage is go to market.

The number of sensors varied across users. Everybody had the base panel unit, which is called the hub. Everyone had one or two door sensors, a proximity and motion sensor that takes a snapshot and one for a real-time HD camera. That was the base and there were variations on that. I have got 40 components in my house. They went a big bonkers in my house, just to test it. It was varied to see what the use cases were and how people used it.

I think the biggest value proposition for the consumer is peace of mind. The most powerful thing about the Digilife concept is that it puts power back in the hands of the consumer.

We see synergies potentially between Digilife and Vigil. How do you bring those together for private healthcare and peace of mind? With my mother, I would like to integrate Digilife with the Vigil concept, where you can give her something to manage her home, and also peace of mind about whether she has got up this morning and moved, for example. Has she opened her door? Should I alert the doctor or somebody?

With Internet of Everything (IoE), you have smart devices, sensors, mobile data networks and platforms that are capable of giving insight out of data -- you can almost think of anything!

Q: What makes your Qrious solution different from the other big data solutions out there?
RS: A few things. The whole concept of Qrious is around more democratised data exchange where you have multiple data sources. The whole concept is to create a bigger data exchange where you are getting multiple data sources that can come together to create better insight.


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