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Sprint is down, but not out, execs say

Matt Hamblen, Computerworld | March 24, 2011
ORLANDO -- Visitors at the International CTIA Wireless conference here this week talked incessantly about the proposed $39 billion AT&T takeover of T-Mobile USA. Analysts and vendors continually laid odds on whether government regulators will approve the deal.

Kyocera, which seems to have a solid partnership with Sprint and Android, didn't announce plans at CTIA for continuing to work with Sprint specifically on coming devices.

However, John Chier, director of Kyocera corporate communications, said the dual-screen concept in the Echo will appear in future phones and devices from Kyocera. "Echo is our first-generation platform," he said in an interview.

Sprint will also sell the PlayBook 7-in. tablet from Research In Motion, although it isn't clear when a version running on Sprint's CDMA network, or possibly its faster WiMax network, will appear. RIM and Best Buy announced this week that the device will go on sale April 19, starting at $499.

If Sprint is making any important shifts in its marketing and service pricing because of the AT&T takeover deal, analysts agreed that shift probably won't occur until after the currently announced smartphones and tablets go on sale in coming weeks.

For now, Sprint is knocked down and winded in what looks to be a challenging 10-round bout as the AT&T deal trudges through its regulatory review.


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