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Summer of Mac gems: Here's what you missed

Macworld Staff | Sept. 3, 2012
It seems like it was just yesterday that we kicked off our annual Summer of Mac Gems marathon, where we featured a quality, inexpensive Mac app every weekday. We got through a lot of different programs, from tools for managing your Instagram photos to battery saving utilities and everything in between. In case you missed a few, here's our complete list of products from GemFest 2012.

Streambox 4.2 is a Pandora Radio client that you can control using the media keys (previous track, play/pause, next track) on your keyboard or, if you prefer, custom keyboard shortcuts.

beQuiet 2.4 ensures that your Mac's external speakers stay muted, which is especially helpful when working in a quiet environment.

Looky 1.0.0 is a menu-bar utility for quickly popping open a live view from your Mac's built-in camera--perfect for keeping an eye on who might be sneaking up behind you.

Daypart 2.1.1 lets you schedule playback of iTunes playlists. The app works with regular, Smart, and Genius playlists.

Screeny 2.0.1 is a solid tool for basic screen sharing and screencasts, great for demonstrating how to fix a technical problem or showing off a Mac feature.


Stock Keeper 1.1.4 uses tags, license, payment, date, notes and other information to help you organize your digital media files.

Dropzone 2.3 lets you quickly perform custom actions on files, such as sending them to custom destinations, that you drag onto either its menu bar icon its pop-out Circles.

FormalAddress 2.3 makes it easy to grab an address from a document or online source and import to your Address Book. You just copy the text to your clipboard, open FormalAddress, and export--the app formats everything for you.

Tagit 1.3.0 lets you add metadata tags to files for easy searching. You can add that metadata using Tagit itself or when using other apps that are compatible with the OpenMeta tagging standard.

Token 1.3.1 makes your life slightly easier if you frequently use Apple's iBooks Author or iWork apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). It gives you faster access to your documents, templates, and scripts.

ReFind 1.1 is useful for anyone--developers, designers, audio pros, you name it--who uses a large number of frequent folders. It provides the capability to jump directly to a frequently used folder or file from within any application--without searching or clicking through stacks of open Finder windows.

ChronoSlider 2.0.3: lets you set alarms and reminders by simply sliding your cursor across your Mac's screen. This method allows for lightning fast input and less of an interruption to your workflow.

Typist 2.2 teaches the basics of touch-typing through a series of lessons. It also includes speed drills and two courses that teach alternative keyboards, including the Dvorak Keyboard and 10-key number pad.

VisualDiffer 1.4.1 lets you spot the differences between two files: source code, HTML code, text, or other data.


Battery Status 1.2 offers a systemwide menu that displays the battery level of your Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, Wireless Keyboard, and, on a laptop, internal battery.


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