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Summer of Mac gems: Here's what you missed

Macworld Staff | Sept. 3, 2012
It seems like it was just yesterday that we kicked off our annual Summer of Mac Gems marathon, where we featured a quality, inexpensive Mac app every weekday. We got through a lot of different programs, from tools for managing your Instagram photos to battery saving utilities and everything in between. In case you missed a few, here's our complete list of products from GemFest 2012.

Clusters 1.5.6 is a file-compression app that works silently in the background. You won't even notice it's doing its thing--except that the amount of free space on your Mac's drive has magically increased.

Timer Pro for Mac 7.0 lets you set stopwatch, countdown, and alarm-clock alarms, as well as export alarms to your calendar or other apps to stay organized.

CleanMyMac 1.10.6 scans your caches, logs, language files, universal binaries, system junk, and other files to get rid of unnecessary cruft and free up space on your Mac.

Log Leech 1.5.2 makes it easier to comb through system log files. For example, it can group log entries by application or process.

Sleep Monitor 3.0.1 offers a unique visual graph of your battery usage we haven't seen in other battery-tracking apps in the Mac App Store.

Low Battery Saver 1.0.1 warns you when your battery's estimated time remaining hits a point you define.

Internet and Web

Favs 1.1.1 stores your Facebook likes, Twitter favorites, and other marked posts from your various social networks in one comprehensive package.

Caffeinated 1.2.2 is a full-featured RSS client that pairs with Google Reader. It integrates with several third-party services including Twitter and Facebook, as well as "read later" services such as Instapaper.

Cookie Stumbler 1.5 finds browser cookies, including advertising and tracking ones, and gives you the option to delete them all or inspect and banish them individually.

NetUse Traffic Monitor 1.2.6 keeps an eye on your Internet activity, displays it on a graph, and provides alerts to keep you out of the bandwidth poorhouse.

SocialFolders lets you link your social accounts with the SocialFolders website; you can then download the SocialFolders Mac app and syncs all of your media to a set of folders on your Mac.

Radio Silence 1.0.3 is a firewall-like tool that can stop your Mac apps from automatically accessing the Internet.

Privacy Scan 1.1 offers a one-stop way to mitigate common privacy concerns by identifying and destroying files that are used to track your Internet usage and reveal your online activities to others.

MailTags 3.0.2 adds tagging functionality to Apple's Mail app. You can create and assign project names, colors, priorities, and even lengthy notes to any piece of email.

Downloads 1.1 keeps all of your downloaded items neat and organized. When you launch Downloads, you'll see all the items in your Mac's Downloads folder, whether they're at the top level or buried deep inside folders.


Shapes 2.6 lets you draw organizational and flow charts with a variety of shapes, lines, and arrows. It has a beautiful interface and a multi-faceted Inspector that lets you tweak line widths and styles, line and fill colors, text, and even fill a shape with an image.


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