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Ten must-have iPhone games

Chris Holt | Dec. 28, 2011
Scored an iPhone this holiday season? Or perhaps just delicious iTunes Store credit? We've assembled this list of the best iPhone games; if you're a gamer, these are the must-have apps for your device. Loosen your thumbs, loosen your wallet, and start playing.

Flight Control - The first game to pioneer the line drawing mechanic on the iPhone platform, Flight Control is a surprisingly clever puzzler with millions of fans (and many, many imitators). You play as an air traffic controller who needs to draw a route for every airplane on the screen to land safely, ensuring that each plane avoids the others in an increasingly-crowded sky.

Real Racing 2 - Despite stiff competition, there's really only one marquee racing franchise on the iPhone platform, and that's the Real Racing series. With its licensed cars, realistic graphics, and multiple controller options, Real Racing is a joy to drive and only gets better when you speed into the game's rigorous multiplayer for a match against your friends.

Plants Versus Zombies - PopCap's Plants Versus Zombies is a tower defense game with a sense of humor. You play as a homeowner with a green thumb and a zombie problem. You must fend off wave after wave of resourceful undead as they try to invade your home and, as zombies are wont to do, eat your brains. Luckily, you have a full arsenal of peapods, fungi, and vegetables at your disposal. The zombies don't stand a chance.


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